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Economics of Video and the Internet

Multi-discipline analysis of Music Copyright

Method of passing bi-directional data between two firewalls

MDBP "Mobile Device Behavior Protocol" Proposed mechanism that should be put in to all mobile devices that give them some environmental / location context awareness.

From my time at Stanford University

Imaging of Ultrasound fields.

Data Storage in Permeable combination

Conscious Machines

Simplified Hypercube Representation. For Binary Spaces

Solving Distributed Denial Of Service attacks

History of BSD Unix

Testing of the IJG JPEG Library Tests are done compressing the same image at different qualities and resolutions

Product ideas - EarthQuake early warning system.

Benchmark results from a test of 26 Different PC / UNIX systems from 386 to P4

Benchmark results from PC / UNIX systems of GCC with and without the -O3 compiler Optimization in use.

February 2001 The Amorphous Operating System (PPT Version) Presented at the ACCU

Cell Processors for use in Hard Drives, Chuch Moore CPU, Enumera (PPT Version) Talk given at Maxtor R&D Feb 2001

MeshCast P2P Audio Streaming Business plan intended to be based on ECIP - Error Correction over IP

Dolby Digital 3D vs Real D / Master image systems.

Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

Sokol's Prime Conjecture

Sokol's Prime Conjecture:

John Sokol's Blog: prime conjecture

Wikipedia Primorial - Talk Page
The phrase in the article " a role in the search for prime numbers..." is quite the understatement. The primorials are the KEY to locating any and all prime numbers. Reference Sokol's conjecture[1]. One can easily convince oneself of the requirement being a prime offset from a primorial as a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for a prime number. --Billymac00 15:11, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

That reference is selfpublished and the only Google hit on "Sokol's conjecture". It appears to fail Wikipedia:Reliable sources and therefore Wikipedia:Verifiability, so I don't think it should be mentioned in the article. PrimeHunter 02:58, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

well, I don't know why the attitude, you may disregard it but the conjecture works, whether I've not phrased it adequately to cover its must check to either side of primorial for instance, which catches 3. 2 is the oddball even, doubt one should condemn it for that ...either way, I am not saying anything about changing the article, which is mostly why I stick to Talk to merely speak to what I feel are points of interest can take up the low submission standards with Neil Sloane I suppose ...yes of course 160 is a typo, should be 180. Neil clearly marked the sequence as needing checking and more terms. And yes, I certainly am unknown in math circles...--Billymac00 04:25, 8 June 2007

MacEachen Conjecture - Open Problem Garden

A129912 Numbers that are products of distinct primorial numbers

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